The Champions League 2013/2014 Season

Goals galore saves and skills define the Champions League. The Champions League, the best of the tournaments, will be staged across a number of European nations, in the group stages and knock outs. The 2013\2014 season is to kick off on the 3rd of August through the 3rd May 2014.. It is set to be an exciting season as the best in the game assemble to showcase their talents. The trickery of Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, the pass master Xavi, the midfield maestro of Jack Wilshere, brilliant goals from Robin Van Persie and the lethal attacking prowess of Edinson Cavani and more drama.

The time to watch is the defending champions Bayern Munich. They are likely to lift the trophy once again, having reached the finals for three seasons in the last five. Bayern present a well assembled team reflected in the form it has exhibited in the recent seasons. It is the single well assembled team across all departments. It plays as a unit both in attack and defense. It will be the team to beat, considering their new coach is Pep Guardiola, the man behind Barcelona’s success and dominance.
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Another team to watch is Barcelona. The tiki taka club is poised to reclaim the title it last won two seasons ago. Borussia Dortmund, another German outfit will be another team to watch for the coveted trophy. It will be out to prove that their last season’s final appearance at Wembley was no fluke and announce their emergence as a soccer powerhouse in the continent
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Real Madrid, another well crafted team from Spain will be on the show with massive talent. Their new coach will be out to prove he is the man to lead the European giants after the exit of Jose Mourinho. Mourinho’s Chelsea has an outside chance of lifting the trophy they won, for the very first time in previous season.

Other teams to watch include the money bucks of France, PSG. The new man in charge will want to prove himself and justify the expensive acquisition of Cavani from Napoli. With due respect to other teams in the Champions League, Bayern Munich will successfully defend the title (bet with – Bayern to win CL ar $3.10) to be staged in The Estadio da Luz, in Lisbon Portugal.

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Owen Dismisses The Ronaldo Threat To Manchester United

This weekend, Cristiano Ronaldo will be on the pitch with Manchester United, but playing opposite them as he takes his place alongside his club, Real Madrid. Since joining the Spanish club, Ronaldo has proven all over again that he is one of the best footballers in the world, and expectations are high that he will lead the Los Blancos to victory – yes, even against his former club. Some may be quaking in their toes right now, and understandably so.

Not Michael Owen, however. In an interview with Sky Sports News, the Stoke City footballer expressed his faith in the leadership and management of Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson. Rumors have flown about Sir Alex contemplating man-marking in order to neutralize the Ronaldo threat, but Owen does not see this happening. A man-to-man marking strategy is not something he expects to see from Manchester United. Instead, he believes that Sir Alex has more than enough confidence in his own team and their ability to work as a single unit against any threat – even Ronaldo.

“United could have the edge,” he opined. While openly acknowledging that Ronaldo is the best player, he will be dealing with the second and third best players all on the opposing team and, since football is a team game, a single player is most likely to bow down before an entire team, especially one that knows him as a player after having around 6 years with him.

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